Job Information

IT Engineer Wanted

Background of recruitment

  • The member for large-scale-system's demand

  • For future business expansion

Number of people to be hired

  • Japan: 10 people ( ~March) (for 2020, will recruit in every quarter)

Required skill

  1. Those who have sufficient IT skills and wish to work long term

  2. 3 years and above of experience as an IT engineer

  3. Japanese skill level N2 or higher (JLPT / NAT) (However, N3 can apply if their Japanese understanding and conversation skills are high.)

  4. Those who have work experience in Japan are welcome

Job Content (position)

  1. Basic design and detailed design of sales management system

  2. System design, programming, operation and maintenance, help desk work, etc. at our customers (dispatch)

Contract period

  • After a six-month fixed-term contract, convert to a permanent contract is planed

Work place

  • Near Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, etc.



  • according to experience and skill. (The following is an example)

   (32-year-old system engineer Estimated annual income 4.6 million yen)
   (27-year-old programmer Estimated annual income 3.6 million yen)


We will be hiring at GIC Myanmar, so please apply for those who wish to work for Myanmar.

Applicants should send their resume and CV to the address below.

If you would like to apply for Japan, please mention like "Apply For Japan (your name)"  in the subject of the email.
If you would like to apply for Myanmar, please mention like "Apply For Myanmar (your name)" in the subject of the email.

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