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The GIC Group consists of three companies, Japan (Global Innovation Consulting Co., Ltd ., as GIC), Myanmar (GIC Myanmar Co., Ltd ., as GICM), and US (GIC Silicon Valley Lab Inc ., as GSVL). Our main business is offshore system development in Japan/Myanmar, including LAB-type and contract development. In the US, we also play a role in conducting various investigations on advanced cases such as DX and IoT.

Our company was established in April 2011 by the current three directors. At the beginning of the establishment, the main business was consulting for overseas expansion (especially Myanmar and the United States), but now, focusing on system development (offshore development), we are dispatching Myanmar bilingual IT engineers who are fluent in both Japanese and English.

As a result of being able to promote various projects including DX (Digital Transformation) promotion and system development with many great clients, we are overwhelming the offshore development in Myanmar, which has been attracting attention in recent years. It is the No.1 position.



System Development (Myanmar Offshore Development)

A team of bilingual Myanmar IT engineers who are fluent in Japanese and English and have high technical capabilities will respond to a wide range of needs from large-scale system development to small-scale system development.

According to the budget and requirement needs of the customers, we provide not only in the scratch development of customer’s own system development   but also the package development utilizing solutions such as framework, SalesForce, Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI) etc.

In 2012, we established GIC Myanmar Co., Ltd. as a local corporation subsidiary of offshore in Myanmar and we offer a variety of outsourcing and BPO services mainly for laboratory development and lump-sum order development. Our Myanmar Offshore development can be implemented by reducing costs by about 20% over offshore prices of other countries.

Dispatching Bilingual IT engineer

We are engaged in the business of dispatching Myanmar bilingual IT engineers who are fluent in Japanese and English through SES (System Engineering Service). We have large numbers of Myanmar bilingual IT engineers who can also work as a bridge SE and can interpret and translate, etc. We are supporting various occupations in various industries connecting Japan and around the world. Engineers who have language skill and IT skill will respond to the projects under various circumstances.

Supporting overseas recruitment

We support recruitment of overseas human resources who live in Japan or Myanmar. We also supporting as the local people recruitment agency service for hiring staff of local corporation. Our service scope is from the consulting about the content of job advertisement to the conclusion of employment contract.

Supporting overseas expansion

We are providing overseas market research, establishment and operated of a company in oversea. Currently, we are mainly focusing on Myanmar (Yangon / Mandalay) and the United States (Silicon Valley), where we have subsidiaries. Our global research team and advisors with a wealth of overseas experience will directly respond to inquiries regarding to your company’s overseas expansion based on experiences and achievements.


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